Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sony might be ruining Ghostbusters 3!!! cinemablend -

Recently, all indications were that Ghostbusters3 was go with original franchise producer and director Ivan Reitman in the director’s chair. Even Bill Murray seemed, finally, to be on board. Now though, NY Mag says there’s trouble.The problem is Reitman himself who, along with Murray, Ramis, and Akyroyd all have a contract which gives them veto power over any sequel. Only, word is that Sony doesn’t want Reitman involved. Instead the studio wants to take a Spider-Man approach to the franchise by hiring a hot young director (like Marc Webb) to take it over and reboot it with twentysomethings in the lead roles. Unlike Spider-Man they aren’t starting the whole story over exactly, the old Busters would be involved, but it sounds like their goal is to launch a new franchise with a bunch of kids… and they don’t want those kids directed by the rapidly aging Reitman.Reitman is directing a rom-com for Paramount called Friends with Benefits, so there’s some hope that he might get busy and let Sony go ahead on Ghostbusters 3 without him. Yet, word is that Reitman thinks he can do both movies and Vulture makes it sound as though he has no intention of getting out of the way. Sony doesn’t want him, Reitman isn’t going to let them do it without him… Ghostbusters 3 could be in trouble.Though I’m not exactly eager to see Ghostbusters without Reitman at the helm, you can almost see Sony’s point of view here. The man hasn’t had a hit since the early 90s. His last few movies have been flops at best and cinematic travesties at worst. Reitman is now the director of Evolution and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. It’s been a long time since he made anything worth watching. Are we sure we want him in charge of Ghostbusters 3? Maybe he’s just not that guy anymore.
Sony Wants To Spider-Man Ghostbusters 3 And Ivan Reitman Won't Let Them

I will be extremely upset if this puts a damper in the Ghostbuster 3 developments. While I have my doubts about how such a movie could turn out - as a HUGE ghostbusters fan (I had a Ghostbusters themed birthday party when I was younger) I was excited to keep hearing good news about how it was moving along. I say give Reitman a chance! I can't seem him doing any worse than a bunch of other directors that I'm sure they would be willing to throw the reigns to. If Reitman isn't involved, I fear it will become a HUGE mistake. I feel like all these companies want to do now a days is create some big franchise that will have tie-ins with Burger King and they seem to forget the real reason that we enjoy going to the movies. Certainly getting rid of Reitman and changing the story to a young centric Ghostbusters clan will destroy most of the sense of nostagia that I am most interested in!
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