Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Terminator 4 Stills and Conversation with McG!

I am fairly pumped about the new Terminator. I have like the other ones. Really a great storyline it has going for it with robots, and time travel, and explosions and James I was a bit skeptical at first, hearing that McG...the guy that did Charlies Angels was going to make the new Terminator film. But I must far he has delivered nothing but high expectations. Every shot I've seen, stills, posters, trailers, etc. have all been great so far.

Recently Wired got ahold of some new screens and a great little conversation piece with McG about some of the tech, a bit of the story, and some behind the scenes info. A great little read.

Be warned, there may be some slight things that some people may consider a spoiler. But I don't think there is anything that will piss people off too much, so take a look!!

Here is one of my favorite excerpts from it,

"Nobody heard 'Terminator 4' and said, 'Oh that's a great idea -- I know, let's get McG to do it!" said McG when he rolled clips from his upcoming movie in Los Angeles earlier this month. "This asshole who did Charlie's Angels, and what kind of cock calls himself McG?'"

Wired Magazine
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