Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exclusive Star Trek Images Popping Up Around The Web

I have these sporadic spurts of becoming a moderate Star Trek enthusiast from time to time, and right now is one of them. This tends to happen when I've been hanging out a lot with my all time Star Trek enthusiast friend Jim Hysell. It also happens when I am at the theater watching a Star Trek movie. Its been known to happen when I am flipping through the channels and a Star Trek movie begins to play. It happens most when I'm watching an episode of Star Trek that has Q in it, played by John de Lancie. Man those are good episodes!
Anyway, see if these photo's do the same for you and get you hyped for all things Star Trek.

These photo's are exclusives for websites all around the net, but I found them posted on TheMovieBlog.

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