Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marvel Animated at it again

NEXT AVENGERS: HEROES OF TOMORROW comes to DVD on September 2! Check out a "Making of" video plus concept art from the show below!

Previously known as Avengers Reborn, NEXT AVENGERS follows the children of the Avengers (the son of the Black Widow and Captain America, the son of the Wasp and Giant-Man, the son of the Black Panther and Storm, Thor's daughter, and Hawkeye's son) join Iron Man and the Hulk to combat Ultron.

This, is according to Marvel, the fifth film in the "Marvel Animated Features" is what they are calling it. (To my knowledge, this includes, Ultimate Avengers, Ultimate Avengers II, Invincible Iron Man, and Doctor Strange).

I haven't seen any of these, but have heard mixed reviews of some of them. Derek has seen a few of them and maybe he will have something to add to this post about the movies (from what I remember he likes Ultimate Avengers but HATES Invincible Iron Man).

I really wish Marvel would just get on the ball about these animated things and release some high quality animated films, because this looks like garbage. Check out the trailer below.

Maybe I'm just jealous that I'm not Hawkeye or Captain America's son.

Check out trailers for other Marvel animated business over at
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