Friday, August 1, 2008

One that slipped by me - Taken

I just saw a trailer that has apparently been around for a while but I seem to have skipped over somehow. The film is called Taken and stars Liam Neeson and will be released September 26th (already came and went in France apparently) I found this film courtesy of John Campea over at The Movie Blog. Man was he right in his comments. This trailer alone gets me really pumped to see this film.

It feels like a combination of a really good suspense film, a Bond film, and a little bit of like...I don't of the Bourne films. Suspense, action, espionage, all kinds of good stuff. And the trailer is put together in a really neat way.

It is also good to see Liam Neeson taking on a role like this (it's not quite as serious as some of his other roles, but plays off of his strengths really well). Check it out, let me know if you are pumped as well.

Poster - eh, not so much.

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