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SX0T's Pineapple Express Review

Pineapple Express is another film by the writing duo of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and produced by...of course...Judd Apatow. One major difference between this and the rest of the Apatow crew films is this one is directed by David Gordon Green...a man known slightly for his more realistic based films. (One of my current roommates is a DGG fan and showed me some stuff along with a short by Clu Gulager called A Day With the Boys that influenced DGG). The story follows Dale Denton and Saul Silver as they are on the run from the law after Denton witnesses a cop murder someone. It is a stonerific comedy with lots of action to boot.

The Awesome

This film is funny, no doubt. It may not be funnier than some of the other Apatow films in my opinion, but it certainly delivers on the laughs. One of the things that this film does amazingly is truly blend an action film with a comedy. It isn't trying to be a comedy that has action in it, or an action flick that has the occasional laugh line. It really does a nice job of fully being both - something that I don't think I have ever seen (except maybe with the somewhat similar Hot Fuzz). James Franco knocks it out of the park once again with a comedic role (something I think he should definitely do more of), but the man who truly steals every scene he is in is comedic film newcomer Danny McBride. He has played small parts in a few comedies over the past couple years, but is definitely beginning to shine in roles like this (it really makes me want to see The Foot Fist Way).

The film is also violent to the max. It has some of the most violent scenes I have seen in recent flicks, let alone an action/comedy/bromance film. The scenes that do have their share of violent acts make sure you see what is going on also - no hiding the blood and body parts here - straight out of the 80'action flicks.

The soundtrack is also pretty awesome - and nicely used.

Everyone else turns in good performances and the movie is surely a good time.

The Not So Awesome

I only have a few complaints about the film, and they aren't too major.

1. Seth Rogen plays a fairly straight character in this film leaving most of the huge laughs to his co-stars. While not necessarily a problem, it may have been nice to see him be a bit more "typical"

2. I would have LOVED to see more cameo's. Cameo's make the world go 'round in films like this, and I just don't think there were enough. Where is McLovin (an action hero in his own respect)? Jonah Hill? Paul Rudd? Leslie Mann? Jason Segal? Jay Baruchel? I just think it could have offered many more comedic cameos than it did.

3. There is a HUGE loose end by the films ending that never gets wrapped up involving Dale and his high school girlfriend

4. The prologue seems out of place and slightly unnecessary (although it does feature the always funny Bill Hader)

Like I said, minor complaints - all things that can be overlooked once you are bending over in your seat laughing.


Overall, I would say that the Apatow crew (Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg writing team specifically can chalk up another gold after the below average Drillbit Taylor (their last writing effort). Apatow now has even more money in the bank and can begin to fund his global domination plots. And we are left with another great comedy to add to the collection (how long will this team go on? and who will get the torch next?). Overall, I give this film an 8 out of 10.
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