Sunday, September 14, 2008

Australia, Changeling, Revolutionary Road, and The Soloist Trailers

To get you hyped for Oscar season I have compiled trailers from four different movies that are receiving Oscar buzz.

First we have Australia...

I think SX0T posted this trailer a while back but I thought it would be nice post it again so its fresh in everyone's mind. I think the movie looks like its going to be triumphant. It also looks like some sort of Gone With The Wind. You may be asking yourself "How can Derek be excited for something like Gone With The Wind, he hates that movie?" Well, I don't know. Maybe because its modern and will benefit from today's technology. Maybe its because I am familiar with the work of the actors who play in the film. Maybe it's because I'm curious to see a movie about Australia. Maybe I hate Gone With The Wind because I saw it when I was in High school and I need to watch it again because I might like it the second time around (doubt it). Look, I'm just excited to see it.

Second is Changeling...

Based on the trailers, I think Changeling, Australia, and Milk (you can find the Milk trailer here) may be the strongest contenders I've seen. If I had to pick one for best picture based on the trailers I'd pick Changeling based solely on the fact that Jolie says "Illinois." REPRESENT!
Could this be the Best Actress year for Angelina Jolie?
Is Clint Eastwood a Zombie?

Here we have Revolutionary Road along with an intro by ET and voice over material that I wish ET would quit doing when they show their exclusives...

I'm just glad to see Kate and Leo back together again. Will this be Kate's 6th Oscar Nomination?

And Finally, we have The Soloist...

Even though Robert Downey Jr. is the man, Jamie Foxx won an Oscar, and the music will most likely rule in this movie, I'm not looking overly forward to it as much as I am the others. Which is a good thing! With all the buzz surrounding it, it must have something going for it, so I'm sure I will be pleasantly surprised when I see it. I guess my problem is seeing famous people play street people. It's really hard for me to believe in them. I feel that way with Robin Williams in The Fisher King. But who knows, maybe Jamie can make it work for me.
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