Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ramis on Ghostbusters 3

Harold Ramis gives Chicago Tribune's Pop Machine the skinny on Ghostbusters 3 through an E-Mail.

Here's what he said...

yes, columbia is developing a script for GB3 with my year one writing partners, gene stupnitsky and lee eisenberg. judd apatow is co-producing year one and has made several other films for sony, so of course the studio is hoping to tap into some of the same acting talent. aykroyd, ivan reitman and i are consulting at this point, and according to dan, bill murray is willing to be involved on some level. he did record his dialogue for the new ghostbusters video game, as did danny and i, and ernie hudson. the concept is that the old ghostbusters would appear in the film in some mentor capacity. not much else to say at this point. everyone is confident a decent script can be written and i guess we'll take it from there.

This sounds great! and knowing this is coming from an actual Ghostbuster makes it even better news. I'm glad to hear that Murray is interested. He was the only one I was skeptical about whether or not he would come back. It at least sounds as if he is willing to participate in some way. I still think, however, if they throw new guys into the mix they have to make sure that it's the original cast who saves the day in the end. I'm cool with the new guys being there helping the original Ghostbusters save the day, but I feel the final battle needs to be finished by the original Ghostbusters. After all they have the knowledge and the experience on their side.

If you missed it from my earlier post, This is how I would write the movie if I was given a shot to do so...

The original Ghostbusters have retired because they have cleansed the city by catching all the bad ghosts. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, something terrible comes, for now lets say its Satan (Satan isn't a ghost so that might be a bad idea, im just using him as a name for the evil force in my plot synopsis). They realize they are too old to take on Satan and they hire young guys for help (Frat pack or Judd Apatow's crew). The young guys do pretty well putting up a fight and catching the petty henchmen of the terrible evil force. When it comes to Satan they don’t have the knowledge or experience to do it on their own. The original cast suits up to bail out the young guns. The original team and new busters bust the unstoppable evil force together with the help of Louis Tully (Rick Moranis). I thin someone should die in the process of the story and joins the team as a ghost. Maybe a new guy.

If they don't kill off a new guy, maybe one of the original cast members is already dead and a ghost from the start of the film working as a Ghostbuster. Murray would do well in this role. Think about it, so many "I'm dead" jokes.

Ray Parker Jr. needs to return with a slightly updated version of the Ghostbusters theme.
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