Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chris Pine Attached to Ben Affleck Scripted The Blade Itself?

Chris Pine - The Blade Itself

Chris Pine  is attached to the Ben Affleck scripted crime-drama The Blade Itself based on Marcus Sakey's novel of the same name. Aaron Stockard co-wrote the screenplay with Affleck after first writing the script for the actor's directorial debut Gone Baby Gone back in 2007, but apparently it's not in the cards for Affleck to direct.

The Blade Itself follows childhood friends Evan and Danny as they become a duo of petty thievery until a botched pawn shop robbery sends Evan to prison. While Danny turns over a new leaf, Evan bides his time in prison until his release seven years later when he sets out to bring Danny back into a larcenous lifestyle at the risk of exposing his secret past of theft.

I kinda wish Affleck was directing this. He did a bang up job with Gone Baby Gone. I am excited to see Pine taking on a role that is a little bit more dramatic and will show his possible talents off.
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