Saturday, July 26, 2008

Derek 8-Track's Hancock Review

The only reason I wanted to see this movie was because the trailers looked funny and Will Smith tends to deliver.
Because I have let this movie simmer so much my review will most likely be short and not very in depth. Look, I watched it weeks ago, how am I supposed to remember everything.

The Rockin’

Will Smith delivers an awesome new take on superheroes. What happens when a superhero knocks a few holes in a building? This movie lets us know how much they owe the city.
-Will Smith does a wonderful job acting like a careless superhero with a negative attitude.
-Jason Bateman rocks the house as usual. The guy was in Teen Wolf Too, what do you expect.
-This was the first time I’ve found Charlize Theron attractive in a long time.
-Good humor
-Good action
-References a classic Universal Studios monster movie.
-The so-called “twist” didn’t bother me like it did many others

The Not so Rockin’

The movie does not blend comedy and drama. It switches them on and off. You get pure comedy followed up with some Man on Fire starring Denzel Washington style seriousness with no effort to blend them together

Other than that the only things I can remember not liking is how Hancock defaced our Moon, Theron’s character, Mary, dressing like a slutty hero out of nowhere, and the over foreshadowed connection between Hancock and Mary… It was way to obvious early on.

The Overall

This movie is a lot of fun; the actors do a great job.
The action in very comic book like and heavy on the CGI
I recommend this movie. I don’t think it would be a favorite for anyone but its supplies the fun for sure.
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