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SX0T's Wanted Review

Here is my review for the recent action flick Wanted. I should start by saying that before I had seen the Red Band Trailer for this film, I had no real interest in it. I would have seen it, but I wasn't super pumped or anything and had never even heard of the graphic novel that the film is based on. The cast I thought was excellent, but I couldn't really get a sense of what the film was about and it just felt kinda Matrix-y to me. After seeing the Red Band Trailer, my view totally changed and I was pumped as hell to see this film. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

The Awesome

Let me first off say that James McAvoy was ridiculous, but in a good way. The film has a semi cheesy plot and some semi cheesy moments. But he pulls them off. I absolutely loved the cinematography happening in this film. If you have seen Night Watch/Day Watch (director Timur Bekmambetov's other films). You will recognize some similar elements (shaky cam, color effects, blurring, slow-motion etc.). All of the effects in the film were generally above average. There were only a few things that felt kind of out of place. The rest of the cast was great and we had some interesting characters also. The mythos behind the whole assassin group is explained in enough detail to actually care (something I was worried would get ignored). The action delivers on so many levels in this film. It features some of the greatest action sequences that I have seen in quite some time.

The long training sequences brought up in this film are awesome and give you exactly what you want to see. I feel like nothing in this film is hidden from view. You want blood - check. Fighting - check. Ridiculous Action - check. It delivers on almost all levels and even offers some humor. Quite a few parts that made me laugh. Morgan Freeman has a line that destroys the world. I also like that there are a few times that address you personally as a theater goer or as an audience, usually just a line of dialogue or two, but it is fun.

I was shocked when I found out Danny Elfman did the score for the film because it is not his typical fanfare of music. During the credits I was finally able to tell that it was him who was responsible for the original songs in the film.

The Not So Awesome

Not too many complaints about this film. If I had to be kind of picky I would say that some of the other assassins played a relatively small and insignificant role that could have been made a bit more interesting. I would also say that there are a few effects that seem a little off. Once again, this is all being picky. There are also a few moments of the film that still resemble The Matrix sequences a bit too much which kind of takes me out of the film when they occur. Also I hate the movie poster and think it deserved much better.


I have been hearing a few comparisons of this film to last years Shoot 'Em Up. Now keep in mind, I fully enjoyed Shoot 'Em Up. I think it is the first film to emulate a video game world (AND IT ISN'T EVEN A VIDEO GAME!!). The problem with this statement is that although there are some similarities in the action, Shoot 'Em Up lacked any sort of a deep plot development whereas Wanted delivers in both the action sequences and in having a plot that is interesting and motivated. I may be exaggerating just a bit, I would have to see the movie again. But I would say that this is my second favorite summer blockbuster movie so far this summer (Iron Man being my first favorite). I would advise you to see this film - ESPECIALLY if you are looking for a great summer blockbuster with enough action to keep you satisfied until The Dark Knight. As of this moment I would give this film a 9 out of 10.
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