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Derek 8-Tracks Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Review

When I first heard about Hellboy II: The Golden Army I was slightly skeptical but all around excited. I know what Guillermo Del Toro is capable of when it comes to creature effects. I also know that his movies aren’t really packed with huge amounts of action, which I feel you need in a superhero movie. Because of the sweetness of the makeup and creatures in Hellboy and the total rockingness of Pan’s Labyrinth I figured Tel Toro would graduate to bigger and better things with Hellboy II: The Golden Army. This is my Review.

The Rockin’

This is one of the most visually stimulating movies I’ve seen in recent years. The creature effects and fantastic atmospheres surpass anything that Del Toro has done in his previous films. This movie also gives anything Jim Henson put together a run for its money. There is nothing better that man-in-suit character in a world full of CGI. This movie totally delivers man-in-suit creatures.
The action sequences in this movie are a definite upgrade from the first Hellboy movie.

A few quick comments on the Rockin’
-I cannot stress enough how awesome the creatures look in this movie.
-An amazingly imaginative art direction
-Johann Krauss is one of the greatest new characters we’ve seen this summer

The Not So Rockin’

I don’t think there was any real emphasis on why Hellboy deems the human race so worthy of saving. I understand why he does; I just would have liked the movie to go into that a little more. It’s obvious the love he has for his adoptive father is why he believes humans are worthy. I just think that if a nice little flashback with Hellboy and his father was placed during those pivotal moments when Hellboy has to make a choice of where he stands in the world would have helped give a visual picture as to why Hellboy deems us worthy of saving. If you think about it, Prince Nuada has a good point. I need Hellboy to convince me that I don’t deserve to die, and he didn’t deliver that. I had to go back and watch Superman Returns to remember why I’m worthy.

A couple quick comments on the Not So Rockin’
- The action sequences are only kicked up a few notches compared to the first Hellboy. I want to see my demon doing a little more when he is trying to save the world.
-I miss David Hyde Pierce doing the voice for Abe Sapien A LOT!

The Overall

I suggest everyone see this in the theater with a digital projection so you can witness the full majesty that is Guillermo Del Torro’s imaginative vision. After that buy the movie on dvd/blu-ray and watch it when you are lounging around with your friends. That’s kind of what I felt like I was doing in the theater, lounging around. It wasn’t so much the story that was captivating. It was the imagery. It will be the perfect movie to add to your collection so that you can pop it in the player, turn the volume low, and talk with your friends while drifting in and out of the movie.
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