Thursday, July 17, 2008

Get Excited for The Monster Squad Remake!

This might be the best news Ive heard since Mt Dew came out with 3 new flavors for the summer. It seems as if a remake to the 1987 movie Monster Squad is in talks right now. Here's the news from Bloody-Disgusting...

This afternoon SpookyDan conducted an exclusive one-on-one interview with Rob Cohen, director of Universal's upcoming The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, who revealed some interesting news about Fred Dekker's classic '87 movie. Cohen tells Bloodyy-Disgusting that Paramount Pictures has acquired the remake rights to Monster Squad, which followed a group of kids hunting down Dracula and his minions who are attempting to take over the world. Cohen also reveals that he is planning to produce the remake, but does not intend on directing. Read on for more info straight for the horses mouth.

Cohen is one of the original executive producers of The Monster Squad, directed by Fred Dekkar in 1987.

Why am I so pumped? It's possible The Monster Squad was the first movie I saw in a theater... at least that I remember. Its either The Monster Squad, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, The Blob, Willow, Masters of the Universe, or No Holds Barred. I still have yet to do the research to see which one came out first. Regardless, one of them was my first theater experience... that I remember. For all I know my parents could have taken me to see Footloose when I was in diapers.

Anyway, even though its a personal classic, it could use a remake. I feel like it should be written by Seth Rogen. That way we are assured many cuss words coming out of the mouths of today's youth. There is nothing funnier than a kid who cusses.
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