Monday, October 19, 2009

Spike Jonze's We Were Once A Fairytale, Starring Kanye West


From /Film

Months ago we knew that Spike Jonze would be working again with Kanye West, for whom he’d recently directed the video for Flashing Lights. At the time we heard the new collaboration would be a short film called We Were Once a Fairytale, but we didn’t know if it would be an extended music video, a true short film, or somewhere in between. Now, just as Jonze has had a great weekend with the opening of Where the Wild Things Are, his Kanye collaboration  has been released/leakedm and we can see that it’s definitely in the ’somewhere in between’ realm.

Set vaguely to the tune of ‘See You in My Nightmares’, this depiction of a drunken club night is probably exactly like one of Kanye’s nightmares. In the film, he staggers from one conversation and encounter to another, but here he’s the drunken buffoon (no surprise to many, after the VMA incident) who is making everyone uncomfortable. Eventually there’s some real/imagined backroom sex and then, about halfway through, things actually get weird. How weird? How about vomiting flower petals, strange little rat demons and a little bit of hari-kari.

Spike Jonze is such a badass. If you haven't checked out his compilation DVD of a bunch of his music videos and short films and commercials and whatnot, I suggest you do. See what kind of a genius he really is. And it's only 4 bucks used on Amazon, so you should buy it.

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