Friday, April 25, 2008

New Dark Knight Poster

I have been made aware of a new Dark Knight poster. This poster comes to us after 2 days of another viral marketing Joker game that happened involving catching crooked cops of the Gotham City Police Department. I didn't partake in the last viral marketing game, just stood by and witnessed, but at the end of the day we were presented with a new Dark Knight poster as well as a new part of the Why So Serious website that reveals that we will have something new happening in 4 days time. Whether or not this something new will be a new viral marketed game or a new Dark Knight trailer is yet to be determined. The new Dark Knight poster can be downloaded in full High Resolution here. The folks over at / were also kind enough to turn the poster into a wallpaper for anyone who is interested.

To be quite honest, I am a little sick of the whole viral marketing gimmick that so many films are using nowadays. I would much rather that they just provide people with what they want in a timely fashion. Give us a poster, some images, a trailer every once and a while instead of making people visit millions of websites, make phone calls, download games, search through puzzles etc. just to get some new bit of information. If your film is good enough and hyped enough, it won't need the extra viral hype to blow away the box office (Transformers, Indiana Jones, Spiderman, Harry Potter I'm looking at you).
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