Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Excursion (of course involving movies)

Over the weekend I left Columbus to head back over to Champaign/Charleston, Illinois to visit the new grad exhibition at Eastern Illinois University, where I got my Master of Arts. While hanging out I managed to pick up a few DVD's. Not new ones by any means, just DVD's I had been meaning to pick up to add to the collection (some of them I owned on VHS back in the day and haven't replaced). I picked up the Hellboy 3 Disk Collector's Edition, Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness (all owned on VHS) and 11th Hour (the Leo DiCaprio version of An Inconvenient Truth...which only cost 5 bucks and was in a case made of recycled material and a portion of the purchase went to Global Green). I also had a chance to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall which I will post a review of soon. In other Hellboy related news, CHUD has posted a new Hellboy poster which is really great...too bad it's, "an exclusive-to-NYCC Hellboy II: The Golden Army poster from the legendary Drew Struzan". In any case, it is awesome looking and makes me even more excited for the July 11th release.

They have apparently started some sort of viral marketing for this film recently as well (I guess it kicked off last Friday..I don't know much about it, but it can be found over here -

[EDIT 2]
There is also a pretty interesting interview over at that was done at Comic-Con New York where Del Toro talks a bit about Hellboy II, Hellboy III, and a little about The Hobbit as well. The interview is here.
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