Monday, September 28, 2009

Danny Trejo Cast in Predators

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Firm details on producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal’s Predators are pretty thin on the ground. We know that Alex Litvak has been writing the script and that much of the film is going to be shot on Rodriguez’ Troublemaker lot with some location shooting likely to take place in Hawaii, but besides the much discussed and seemingly impossible cameo role from Arnold Schwarzenegger there hasn’t even been much talk of any possible cast members. Who will be making up the human contingent, the team of commandos facing off against a whole heap of crab-faced Predators? The first name has been revealed, and it’s not a surprisingly a member of the Rodriguez rep company, none other than Machete himself, Danny Trejo.

In a short video interview with the Punch Drunk Critics, Trejo sings minor-key updates on Machete, Sin City 2 and Predators. As far as Machete goes, Trejo simply lists the other cast members, but when asked if he’ll be doing Sin City 2, says:

It’s kind of in the works. We’re going to do Predators next. So Sin City’s kind of… er… a thought process… We’ll be doing Predator[s] I think in about a month.

While this doesn't say that he will be acting in the film - it is hard to believe that it would be any other situation. I personally think it's about time Trejo gets some big, well deserved screen time in a major film. Although I'm a bit sketchy on this whole Predators thing to begin with.

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