Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eastwood And Damon Together Again for 'Hereafter'

Clint Eastwood - Matt Damon

Screen Rant via The Hollywood Reporter, reports that Eastwood will direct Hereafter, with Matt Damon Leading the film. The project will reunite the two after they just worked together on the not-yet-released Nelson Mandela pic, Invictus.

Eastwood will direct the supernatural thriller from an original script by Frost/Nixon writer, Peter Morgan. DreamWorks first acquired the script from Morgan last year, and very early on it piqued the interest of Eastwood.


Movie Line, via The Playlist, provides some plot details

“Damon plays a character named George, a factory worker with the ability to commune with the dead, not a talent he’s so thrilled about. There are two other plotlines involving a French journalist coping with the aftermath of a near-death experience during the 2004 tsunami, and a 12-year old British boy searching for a way to contact his dead twin.”

DreamWorks founder, Spielberg, Eastwood is moving Hereafter to his home base at Warners. Eastwood himself will produce, along with Robert Lorenz and Kathleen Kennedy. Spielberg will still serve as an exec producer, as well as Frank Marshall, Tim Moore and screenwriter Morgan.

Hereafter is set to start filming this fall.

Lets look at the ingredients here real quick.
1 Cup of talented actor Matt Damon
1Tablespoon of Legend Clint Eastwood
A dash of Best Director Ever Steven Spielberg
1/2 pound of Peter Morgan

I think we have all the ingredients for something great! I love Peter Morgan scripts. everything I've seen that he has penned has been fantastic. I go gaga for The Queen and Frost/Nixon and probably will for the upcoming The Special Relationship. The only thing that could top this off would be the addition of actor Michael Sheen, who frequents films penned by Morgan.

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