Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Night of the Living Dead GCI Remake

 THR’s Heat Vision blog is reporting that George Romero’s zombie classic, Night of the Living Dead, is going to be remade into a 3D CGI film by first-time director Zebediah de Soto.  The project, titled Night of the Living Dead: Origins, will have no involvement from Romero. De Soto mentioned that he wants to focus on the character’s backstories, and aim for it to look like an “American-styled anime”.

Origins will join the company of a multitude of revisions/reimaginings/remakes of Night of the Living Dead. The original film has been in the public domain for some time now, making it a really cheap target for these sorts of projects. Most recently there was  Night of the Living Dead 3D, with Sid Haig that I heard sucked and there’s also an upcoming collaborative remake, Night of the Living Dead Reanimated.

Look, I'm all up for any zombie film - and a reimagining/remake of the original Night of the Living Dead may not be a bad idea at this point - especially considering there are loads of people that have never seen it. I'm a bit confused by the comparison of CGI with "American anime". But who am I to try to explain the vision that De Soto has. Let's just hope this one turns out well.
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