Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spielberg’s Lincoln Not Dead; Robert Downey, Jr. a Possible Lead For Harvey


Following the news that Robert Redford's The Conspirator is on it's way and set to star Robin Wright Penn and James McAvoy - a film focussing on the Lincoln assassination plot, Spielberg assures Variety that his Lincoln biopic not dead, and very much still happening.

As for what he thinks of Redford's film,

Speaking to Peter Bart at Variety, Spielberg says:

We are very happy that Redford will be doing this Lincoln movie. It is completely different from what our DreamWorks Lincoln movie will be, and we believe that it will add to the commercial potential of our film. Lincoln as a subject is inexhaustible.

But before Spielberg's Lincoln film heads out, he needs to focus on his film Harvey which is still in the stages of adapting the play as a feature. Recent repots suggest that he wants Robert Downey Jr. to play the lead - Elwood P. Dowd, a drunk whose sister attempts to have him hospitalized when he begins to introduce his imaginary friend Harvey, a six-foot tall rabbit, at a party.

As long as Harvey is underways - it seems we will have to wait for Spielberg's Lincoln just a little longer.
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