Thursday, September 10, 2009

Edgar Wright He's Still on for Ant Man and Pixar Isn't

Ant Man

From /Film

After Disney announced that they would be acquiring Marvel Entertainment, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed during a confrence call that “Pixar boss John Lasseter talked to the Marvel guys about” the possibility of working together on a Pixar film, and “they all got excited about it. We think there’s ultimately some exciting product that come of that. Sparks will fly!” Then earlier this week Entertainment Weekly reported that “Pixar already has their eye on Ant-Man.” If that is true, both director Edgar Wright and Marvel head Kevin Feige know nothing about it…

CHUD contacted Wright, who has been developing the big screen adaptation for the last five years, for comment. Wright confirmed that he’s still attached to the project, but hasn’t had much time to work with Joe Cornish on the second draft because of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

“I just spoke to Kevin Feige for the first time since I wrapped and we are meeting this week to discuss the next phase,” wrote Wright. “The news that Pixar is involved is not wholly accurate and a little premature to comment on. I love Pixar’s work more than anyone and indeed would love to collaborate with them.”

“It’s true that the character is not considered one of the Marvel brand leaders and that is precisely what excites me about it. I want to make a film inside the Marvel Universe that is something a little different; a genre film within the superhero genre so to speak,” says Wright. “My spin on Ant Man is very different than a straight superhero origin - and very much live action. At some point in this century, I intend to stop talking about it and make the damn thing.”

I've love Edgar Wright more and more as the days go on, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Spaced, the Don't trailer for Grindhouse. The man rocks. I recently have been watching these behind the scenes video blogs from Scott Pilgrim vs the World (admittedly something I'm not too familiar with), and this guy is not only a great director and writer, but he is hilarious and down to earth as well. His explanation of what he wants to do with Ant Man seems right up his alley and for that, I really respect him. If you want to see some of those previously mentioned behind the scenes vids, check them out here. The first one is posted below.

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