Monday, May 5, 2008

2 New Indiana Jones TV Spots and some interesting side news

Paramount has released 2 new television spots for Indiana Jones. They can be found here courtesy of / What is even more interesting is a little article that The Playlist posted uncovering some of the happenings of Indiana Jones IV. The article says,

"It was the three of us, Steven, George and I, coming to agreement on the central notion of it all," Ford said. "I think the original idea is still a large piece of it in the movie, but it's been developed and worked on in ways that made it a lot more palatable to Steven and I."

Translation: Lucas is a stubborn f**k and insisted that there be some Roswell-like aliens from outer space central theme in 'Indy 4' and we finally relented, but it's done in a tasteful way that hopefully shouldn't turn off everyone who's childhood's were ruined by the shitty 'Star Wars' prequels.

You'll remember earlier in an Entertainment Weekly article:
At one point George Lucas thought that since the film was going to be set in the 1950s (to jive with Ford's now advancing age) the genre should match that era: aliens invading Earth in spaceships (or some shit like that) with the military in hot pursuit (a popular genre trope of the '50s obviously). Hilariously, Harrison Ford wasn't with it. "No way am I being in a Steve Spielberg movie like that," he told Entertainment Weekly," with seemingly near disgust at Lucas' original concept.

Well, I think it's safe to say there are for sure alien happenings in the new Indiana Jones. Now as for how much, I don't know...but lets hope it doesn't get too ridiculous (Lucas I'm looking at you).
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