Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Hobbit Q&A with Jackson and Del Toro has posted an amazing Q&A from an online chat between fans and Peter Jackson and Guillermo Del Toro concerning their work on The Hobbit and its sequel. The two of them address a number of interesting points about what their film making process will be and answer such questions as what returning actors can we expect to find in the movies, filming locations, and how the two of them will balance their involvement with the pictures.

Here is an excerpt from the Q&A,

wetahost: 17 - Dear Peter Jackson, I enjoyed your cameos in the LOTR movies, Will you have a cameo in this Hobbit, and what character would you like to play?

Peter_Jackson: I actually haven't thought about it. My convention is to do cameos in films I direct. I don't know if that extends to films I produce. I guess we'll find out. I love Hobbits! I am a Hobbit, in very many respects, as were my parents. Tolkien wrote about a type of people he knew, in pre-war England, and somewhere along the line, he must have bumped into my relatives!

Guillermo_del_Toro: Unlike Peter, I'm a Dwarf ( a coarse creature I am)- but I studiously avoid cameos…

This is a great Q&A and you can find the rest of it here.
Plus today is Ian McKellen's Birthday! A very young 69 years old.
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