Monday, May 12, 2008

Sorry for the break...Brandon Routh, comic book star.

I was home over the weekend and didn't post much (sorry about that). Derek I believe, is done with school and on summer break as well. He's probably enjoying his freedom and meanwhile, I'm still stuck here in Columbus for the summer. I'll try to keep things interesting and hopefully Derek will be posting as well. In any case, lots of news, so let me get started.

Brandon Routh loves his comic characters. The Superman Returns actor is set to play an investigator who is drawn into the world of the undead in a film titled "Dead of Night" based on the Italian comic book titled "Dylan Dog". Kevin Munroe is set to direct from a script by "Sahara" scribes Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly.

I personally have never heard of this comic, but upon research I have learned that it is quite popular and has been translated into about 17 different languages. I'm really looking forward to a comic based movie about zombies and starring Superman. Should be fun.

[EDIT] recently put up an interview with Brandon Routh (Dylan Dog), director Kevin Monroe and producer Scott Rosenburg about the "Dead of Night" project. It can be found here.
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