Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oliver Stone's W. First Pic!

When I first heard about Oliver Stone's W. based on the life of George W. Bush, I was nothing less than intrigued. Stone isn't known for being low key when it comes to his films and likes to bump things up a notch. I thought for sure he would be voicing his opinion on W. and I thought for sure, it wasn't going to be speaking highly of him. After a few interviews and not much else, things started to sound like he was genuinely going to make a real, biographical type film about W. Then he cast Josh Brolin as GWB. WHAT?!?! that doesn't even make sense. Did he want a movie in which the lead character looked nothing like who he was supposed to? And now we have the first pic and I could not have been more wrong. If this picture is any indication of how this film will turn out - I am actually really excited to see it. Without further ado. Here it is, the first picture of Josh Brolin as W.

Here is a brief description of the film from /film:

Based on the life and presidency of George W. Bush, Stone has compared W. to The Queen and Nixon. The screenplay was written pre-strike by Stanley Weiser, who had co-wrote Wall Street with Stone. Weiser and Stone read 17 books as part of their research for the script. W. began filming late last month in Shreveport, Louisiana. The film is intended to be released for the presidential election in November 2008, or the Presidential inauguration in January 2009.
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