Thursday, May 15, 2008

Possibly Fake Transformers 2 in 3-D News

If there is one thing we know about Transformers 2, it's that we can't believe what we read and here. Michael Bay has come out and said that he will be reporting fake news about the movie to throw fans astray. How will Rewind and Adjust report on Transformers 2? The best we can. The only thing I can say is that until the movie actually comes out and we are able to see what was ans wasn't real, every post has a "Possibly Not True" disclaimer. On that note, Superherohype has posted that,

The "2008 ShoWest Edition" of the Dolby newsletter (in PDF format) has a list of upcoming 3-D releases and includes Transformers 2 (as well as Steven Spielberg's Tintin). We're hearing that, although it's on the list, the sequel is not a lock yet for a 3-D release. A final decision will be made based on the availability of Digital 3-D and IMAX 3-D screens. The big problem facing the Transformers sequel is that Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs comes out just five days later and would rule out a majority of the Digital 3-D screens.

This is and isn't exciting for me. It is exciting because glimpses of my childhood will be flying right at me in the theater when I go to see this movie fore the first time. Putting the movie in the 3-D adds that extra boost of excitement you want at a movie theater. This isn't exciting for me because when the movie hits DVD, Blu-ray, and movie channels we will have to sit through compositions that were clearly set up for 3-D viewing but wont appear 3-D on our television screens. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Watching movies like Jaws 3-D, Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare, Beowulf, and Spy Kids 3-D on a movie channel where you don't have the luxury of watching them in 3-D causes you to notice every scene meant to be viewed in 3-D. I find it very distracting to the natural flow of the movie. Those scenes ALWAYS stand out like a sore thumb.

If I had to voice my opinion, I would say that this totally reeks of fake news to me. Like Derek said, we will do our best to report on Transformers 2 (and be sure to voice our opinion), but everything about this film comes with a disclaimer since Mr. Bay has assured us that he is going to be a fake news leaking bastard when it comes to his baby.
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