Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shirtless Extreme Captain America

Cinemablend is reporing that none other than Matthew McConaughey may be up for the role of Captain America,

After their big announcement Monday, we now know that Marvel Studios is planning to resurrect Captain America. His first movie isn’t slated for release until May 6th of 2011, but according to our sources they’re already looking for a potential leading man.

One of our long time scoopers dropped us a message tonight to let me know that Matthew McConaughey may be one of Marvel’s leading candidates to slip into Cap’s red white and blue underpants. Our source is a reliable one, but at this point it’s still very early and he’s only one of the actor’s they are considering for the role."

He definitely has the looks for it. And the muscle. And the crazy "I'll do anything including skydiving, windsurfing, swimming with sharks, rocket skates and drinking Mountain Dew" look. I'm just wondering if he has the acting talent. And that accent has to go.
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