Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dawn of the Dead goes 3-D

According to The Hollywood Reporter,

George A. Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" will be "dimensionalized" to stereoscopic 3-D for a planned theatrical release.

New Amsterdam Entertainment has tapped 3-D company In-Three, which will use its proprietary "dimensionalization" process to turn the 1978 indie horror flick movie into 3-D. The project is expected to be completed within the year.

So far the only legacy 2-D film that has been converted and re-released in digital 3-D is "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas," which Disney released in October 2006.

In-Three are the ones responsible for the "dimensionalized" "Star Wars" 3-D demo clip that first screened at ShoWest in 2005.

I don't know how to feel about this. On one hand, 3-D zombies is probably going to be unbelievably awesome, but on the other hand, I hope this 3-D business doesn't get too far out of hand. So far, I haven't seen anything that has seriously amazed me. What I have seen (Nightmare Before Christmas and Beowulf) was good, but not so good that I want every film in 3-D. I just hope it doesn't become a gimmick.
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