Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Superhero Updates (Captain America! Thor!)

IESB's Robert Sanchez recently had a chance to talk to Marvel's "important dude" Kevin Feige who provided them with a little bit of info about the upcoming Captain America and Thor movies. He had this to say,

when asked if the Captain America film would be a period piece. He confirmed yes, the story will take place during World War II, just like the comic book origin story. He says they plan to remain very faithful to the source material and completely traditional.

Feige also confirmed that it was definitely the Captain America shield that was seen in IRON MAN on Tony Stark's work-station as he's removing his suit for the first time. It's just an Easter Egg and probably won't have anything to do with the Capt. America story.

What about that casting rumor making its way around the web that Matthew McConaughey would be taking on the role? Nope, Feige says that's absolutely false.

Some interesting bits of news in there, especially that Matthew McConaughey won't be Captain and that it will be a period piece.

He then had this to say about Thor,

The final script written by Mark Protosevich is expected to be turned in within the next couple of weeks

They don't have a director yet but expect to announce one this summer

The story will take place in Asgard, Thor's home. It will not be a contemporary story

They haven't even thought about casting yet and have no idea who they plan to cast for the lead role (Brad Pitt was rumored)

Nothing too new here other than the fact that it will take place in Asgard and the script is due soon. My Marvel radar is on full alert waiting for some more info about both of these films. Exciting!
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