Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here's an odd one for ya - Jonah Hill to head 21 Jump Street film

According to Variety,

Jonah Hill is in negotiations to develop a modern-day adaptation of "21 Jump Street" for Columbia Pictures.

The smallscreen property, which aired from 1987-91 on Fox and starred Johnny Depp, revolved around a group of young cops who worked undercover in high schools and colleges.

The "Superbad" thesp would develop the screenplay as a potential starring vehicle and serve as executive producer.

I have to say this is completely out of left field. First, I'm not sure the world is ready for a 21 Jump Street film. Second, what the heck is Jonah Hill doing helming the films efforts? It seems like an odd combination and an odd choice in the first place. I'm actually not very interested in this idea. Not that I hate 21 Jump Street, it's actually pretty awesome and helped to further launch the career of Johnny Depp. I just think that this film may not work out in actuality like the idea does on paper. Who knows though? Maybe this is Hills dream project and he will treat it with so much loving care that it can't possibly fail.
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