Thursday, May 29, 2008

Spidey Rumors CRUSHED

I recently reported that the news floating around was that Sony was looking for a new Spiderman and had their eyes set on Patrick Fugit.

These rumors have just been smashed. According to, who got news from inside sources,

According to our sources, that include reps from CAA, Endeavour, ICM, Marvel Studios and Sony, no actor including Fugit has been approached or even considered for the Peter Parker/Spider-Man role or any other character for that matter.

To take it a step further, head of Media Relations for Sony/Columbia Pictures Steve Elzer told the IESB today that the Fugit story is 100% false and added, "No one is being considered for the role but Tobey. Period."

There you have it folks. Although, from what I understand of this it simply means that they would like to approach Tobey first as he has the rights to continue the saga if he wishes. If he says no, then that list that was formerly mentioned may be back in the spotlight again.

Derek 8-Track here. Thank Goodness! I don't think we need another 90's Batman style rotating cast franchise. It's always best to stick with the actors you have, and if you can't get them, don't make the movie, unless its a for sure continuing series like the Harry Potter films. (Sx0t, prepare for an inside joke) Even though he has blue eyes, when we all know Peter Parker has brown, Tobey is doing a fine job with the material he is presented with.
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