Friday, June 6, 2008

Bruce Willis in Kane and Lynch

Bruce Willis is negotiating to star in Kane & Lynch, Lionsgate's adaptation of the Eidos Entertainment video game "Kane & Lynch: Dead Men". Willis will play Adam 'Kane' Marcus, a mercenary who makes an unlikely alliance with a schizophrenic killer named James Lynch. The duo is forced on a mission to retrieve a stolen microchip. The vidgame has sold 2 million copies worldwide since its launch in November, 2007.

Kyle Ward (someone who hasn't done anything pretty much) wrote the script. Filmmakers are now looking to set an actor to play Lynch, and shooting will begin before year's end.

While this may be good news for the video game to have such an A-lister added to it's cast, it seems more likely that this film was chosen while Bruce Willis was drunk and only using half of his brain. I know, that's mean. It just doesn't seem like a good idea to make a movie of a video game that got pretty poor reviews (I haven't played it, but most people seem to think it sucked). I could be wrong, but I'm not that excited really.
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