Monday, June 30, 2008

REPO! The Genetic Opera Trailer

Well this kind of sucks, It looks like Paris Hilton may end up being in a good movie. From the wonderful people who brought us the never ending saga that is SAW comes REPO! The Genetic Opera. The movie is a rock opera about a bio tech company known as GeneCo who sends out a Repo Man, played by Anthony Head of Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV) fame, to claim your organs if you can't maintain the payments for them. It looks like one of the most amazing big budget horror post mortem/apocalyptic grindhouse style films yet. It's very Escape from New York/LA if you ask me. Plus Bill Moseley is in it so you know it's gonna be good!

You can watch the trailer below.


SX0T here. Looks good, I think my only complaint is that it almost seems that they are setting out to create a cult classic. Isn't that something that is supposed to happen without explanation?


Agreed, lets hope that it doesn't suffer the same misfortunes Snakes on a Plane suffered.
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