Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Few New Trailers

I have been slacking on posting a bit and usually these would come as individual posts, but I decided to combine them into one Trailer-licious post. So here ya go, a few new trailers for you to feast your eyes upon.

New Alternate Trailer for Dark Knight

Gotham Tonight Special

Punisher: War Zone

English Version Curious Case of Benjamin Button


The Wackness

Death Race

WOW that's alot of trailers. I can officially say that I am excited to see all of these films though. Dark Knight, of course. Punisher: War Zone, will probably suck but I need to compare it to the other Punisher. Curious Case, I HAVE BEEN psyched for this film and smell Oscars in its future. Valkyrie, wasn't interested in previously but am becoming more interested in seeing it. The Wackness, its 1994!!! It can't lose! Death Race, Jason Statham wins almost all the time, purely fun action guy.
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