Friday, June 6, 2008

Hellboy II: The Art of the movie book

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Dark Horse will release HELLBOY II: THE ART OF THE MOVIE with pages full of concept art and more on June 18th!

The IESB has got an early sneak peek for you here!

The anticipation is ratcheting up for one of this summer's biggest action-adventure events, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and Dark Horse is taking you behind the scenes!

As we delved into the original box-office hit, this 224-page tome likewise presents the most extensive look into the film's evolution, from early concept art and diary sketches to photos of the final props, sets, and filming. A unique look at filmmaking and the art of graphic novels.

Guillermo del Toro and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola once again bring their world-renowned talents to bear on a brand-new chapter in Hellboy's history--a visual feast only they could produce. Get your sneak peek well before the celluloid hits the screen!

* Guillermo del Toro's (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth) complete screenplay including a deleted scene--is featured in this book and is illustrated with the original storyboards.

* Interviews and commentary from creator Mike Mignola and filmmaker Guillermo del Toro!

Check out some more art over on

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Art books are totally awesome and really inspirational to people like me who would love to someday be working within the movie industry (not necessarily art, but somehow in the industry). I have always had great appreciation for the art that goes into films and video games and pick up books whenever I get the chance. I wish I was creative enough to do some of the work like this as I always find it very fun to look at and enjoy.
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