Friday, June 6, 2008

Guy Ritchie tackling Sherlock Holmes reinventing

Apparently Guy Ritchie has come aboard to direct Warner Bros.' "Sherlock Holmes" for Lionel Wigram and Dan Lin. He is working on a rewrite of a script written by Tony Peckham. The studios are eyeing a 2010 release date. Execs at Warners are aiming to reinvent Holmes and sidekick Dr. John H. Watson. Wigram's noted that the new Holmes would be more adventuresome and take advantage of his skills as a boxer and swordsman.

I think Guy Ritchie is a great choice. A man who is known for his contemporary London undergroung drug/crime/caper films should make a great transition to an older setting. This is a fantastic idea and I see it working extremely well, especially after films like The Wolfman coming out which have that gothic classic horror feel to them. I also envision a kind of Van Helsing/From Hell/The Prestige vibe, although hopefully better than than Van Helsing. The question remains, who should play Sherlock Holmes? I think Hugh Jackman or DDL would be a fantastic choice for such a character, what do you say? DDL with a pipe and hat? I'm game.

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