Sunday, June 29, 2008

Captain America was originally in The Hulk

Director Louis Leterrier swore up and down that Captain America made an appearance in The Incredible Hulk. In an interview with Collider, Leterrier declared that it was just an Easter Egg and refused to give any hints as to where it would appear in order to keep the fun. "It's an Easter egg. It's not like oh, it's Captain America and it changes everything. It's still a Hulk movie, but it's really Captain America and it's there, you'll see. It's the real deal. You have to look for it."

We all know that this wasn't the case, and this is the news we are now hearing:

But in an interview with SOS Hollywood, Leterrier revealed it was an actual scene that had landed on the cutting room floor. "There's a point when Bruce Banner gives up on his quest for the cure and decides to kill himself. So he travels far North and reaches the Arctic Circle. You might have seen bits of it in some of the promos. The result was a very dark and strong scene, which Marvel, me and everyone else considered to be too hard to young audiences to take, so we've cut it. Having that said, when Bruce arrives at his destination he meets up with Captain America! At some point this week, we will make it available on the internet – but I cannot tell you where or when – and the material will definitely be on the DVD."

Interesting. I wonder who plays Cap, or if we only see him from the back and he doesn't speak?
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