Monday, June 2, 2008

Leo as Real Bond!

I don't quite know how this one slipped past my radar, but Leonardo DiCaprio has recently had his eyes on a script that his production company, Appian Way, had purchased. The story follows Fleming, who fought as a Commander of Naval Intelligence in World War II while creating James Bond and the many characters from his books. Apparently most of the characters in Bond are actually based on areal people Fleming encountered. Writer Damian Stevenson describes the film as “Shakespeare in Love or Finding Neverland with some real-life Bond-like espionage and female flattery thrown in.

While it isn't certain that he would play the role, or that the film will ever get made, the fact that his production company purchased the script hints at the idea that they may be developing it with him in mind for the lead role (or maybe he will direct? that would be awesome).
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