Sunday, June 15, 2008

First Look at Jason's Mask

As most people know, Jason is currently shooting it's reboot to the franchise. MTV has recently posted a sort of behind the scenes moment where we get a look at the famous mask that will be making its appearance in the film. Fans of the original film know that the mask doesn't actually show up until the 3rd film in the series. recently did a set visit and was able to provide us with this information,

First, during our interview with producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, Form said, "most people think Jason Voorhees was in the first one and, most of the people we talk to - the younger audience - they think he's in the first one, they think he's wearing a hockey mask and that's kind of how this franchise started. They don't realize that Pamela was basically the whole first one and he didn't show up until the very end of the the lake for the one shot...and then the second one, of course, he wore the sack. In the third one, finally, you have that great moment where he comes out in the hockey mask. I think we tried to take elements from all three of those movies to create one reboot of Friday the 13th and I think we take the elements where you will see Jason put the hockey mask on for the first time - how and why. And you'll see him actually do it not just come out with it."

According to the filmmakers, in this new film, we'll see both Sack Jason and Hockey Mask Jason.

The production is set to wrap on (coincidentally) Friday June 13th and are in the final throws of shooting. Friday the 13th 2009, get ready to be frightened all over again - old school style!

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