Thursday, May 1, 2008

Is the death of physical media upon us? is reporting that almost all of the major studios (including Fox, Disney, Paramount, Warner Bros., Universal, Lionsgate, and what's left of New Line) have just signed a major deal with Apple/Itunes that will offer their DVD's for download-to-own service on the SAME DAY that the DVD goes on sale. This seems to tell us that not only are the studios willing to give up some of their DVD sales to download service, but they also believe that in the future DVD's may be obsolete and we may turn entirely to digital media. Most new movies currently available on ITunes run for between 10-15 bucks and it will be interesting to see if this pricing scheme stays true. This is HUGE news especially since the past year has been extremely odd in terms of rental services losing money as well (Blockbuster and Netflix war). I personally would never want to give up my DVD's (or in the future possibly Blu-Ray's) for digital media. Something about owning a physical disk along with all the pretty box and insert art makes the physical one more appealing to me. I guess time will only tell what will happen. Until then, a wall full of DVD's still looks mighty appealing to me.
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